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Europeans by the Christmas Table

The idea is to take one group of students and prepare a scene out of real Xmas table. Students are actors. They are going to put on formal clothes, sit by the table, show what we do in Poland and in Italy during the Xmas eve, for example they will show the dishes, they will sing a Xmas carol, will decorate a Xmas tree, share a wafer etc. All will be happening during the lesson. the film must be short : 5-10 minutes. Later all the countries traditions (films) will be put on one CD

il nostro video

Scuole partecipanti:
Społeczne Gimnazjum, Kwidzyn, Polonia
ICS di Corniglio, Corniglio (PR), Italia

Cross Curricular, Informatica / TIC, Religione


Età degli studenti:
11 – 15

Strumenti da usare:
videoediting, Twinspace, videoconferenza, email

Obiettivi: Intercultural communication, getting to know traditions and customs of other countries, learning to use computer skills, team work, improving language skills.

Procedura di lavoro:
1. Take a group of students.
2. Together create a script and responsibilities.
3. Choose actors, director and presenter of your film.
4. Decorate the classroom as if it was your home.
5. Lay the table with the traditional dishes (can be printed out, not real)
6. Show what your traditions are by the Christmas table and explain them in English.
7. Record everything and send your file to the person who will put all the films together.

Risultati attesi:
The final product will be a CD with films from different countries about their traditions by the Christmas table. We will watch and discuss it during our last lesson before Christmas.

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