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Campo Erasmus

Il campo Erasmus si è concluso, le attività sono state tante, lezioni interculturali, attività di teatro, di lingua di inglese, tedesco, spagnolo, greco e italiano, trekking al lago Santo e a Rusino, vari viaggi, a Parma, a Pisa, a Corniglio, a Palanzano, a Monchio, attività sportive, lezioni di musica e di danza tradizionale, un’occasione preziosa per i ragazzi dell’Istituto Comprensivo di Corniglio, che gli ha permesso di vivere per undici giorni a contatto con settanta loro compagni di Croazia, Inghilterra, Spagna, Francia, Polonia, Lituania e Grecia, accompagnati da insegnati che hanno mostrato modi diversi di fare scuola, che vogliamo citare e ringraziare: Marina Hrnjak, Lahashmi Mechkouk. Karima Hamai, Konstantinia Bellou, Konstantia Sofoulaki, Inga Vainutiene, Angelina Baas, Anna Krzysztofiak, Ángeles Álvarez, Charlotte Dean, Inoslav Damjanović, Lahachmi Mechkouk, Noureddine Benkoudad, Vincent Le Louet, Karolis Januška, José Vicente Álvarez, Albert Hay.




Erasmus + Project, KA2 “Active Citizenship for Sustainable Learning”

Dear Children, Illustrious Teachers and Honourable Authorities,

We are very pleased to welcome you on our territory for the “Campo Italia”, part of the European

Erasmus+, Action KA2 aimed at building a new European citizenship.

We are very grateful to your Teachers for having planned and presented this Project to the European

Commission, which has recognised its high educational value for future generations, has financed it

and involved children and teachers from 8 different European nations.

I particularly thank Monsieur Lahechnu and his College in Paris, who has been the promoter of the

project and I thank all the other colleagues who have embraced this important and innovative

challenge with enthusiasm and sincere passion for education. They challenged themselves in order

to improve their professionality and offer new and more and more stimulating learning

opportunities to their students in their schools.

It is thanks to them if this project was able to take off and spread its wings during the meetings in

Paris and in Nida (in Lithuania). It is to their professionality and their competences that we leave it

for the future important developments, which will take place in the following years in England and

Spain. There will be planning and training events for the teachers in Croatia, Greece, and Poland too.

We are sure that these shared life and study experiences represent for everybody an important

opportunity to understand and handle the current social changes, to promote teaching innovation,

to strengthen and improve the new generations’ approach towards the knowledge and the

development of sustainable development.

You children belong to the “connected generation” who has not seen a world without the Internet

and you are growing in an environment characterised by fast and deep technological, social and

environmental changes, unknown to human history before.

You are the children of your time and in order to live it fully responsibly as protagonists, you are

practising in the understanding of a common language by using the full potential of technology and

communication and by developing new languages: an expressive one, to understand others and

being understood; an artistic one, to be able to catch and appreciate the beauty of the world; a

musical one, to enjoy your life and the lives of those around you; a physical one, to grow strong and

Your future and ours will depend on your commitment and your determination to understand the

world. In order to do this, nourish positive thinking, promote freedom, protect the environment,

believe in the possibility of making the world a better place and try every day to improve the quality

of your own life.

I thank the Majors who are present here today for their attention to the world of education and for

their important contribution given to the success of the project. I thanks all the Authorities who

directly and indirectly support us and who have been here with us on this occasion.

I wish all the best to the Project and I wish a great success to all its protagonists in achieving the

growth of the citizens of a future Europe.

Luigi Ughetti

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