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La nostra scuola vince il label europeo

La nostra scuola vince il label europeo per un progetto eTwinning svoltosi alla secondaria di Palanzano l’anno scorso, in rete con la scuola primaria del distretto Xi di Parigi.

Grazie a Dominique Ducamus, ai suoi e ai nostri alunni.



label nazionale
label europeo

Il progetto:
We intend to make our pupils work differently, to open their class walls and to help them learn how to work together.
We’d like the oldest ones (11 to 14) to be able to try to figure out what is difficult for younger ones, learning in the way how to make their ideas clearer and more understandable. We hope they’ll progress in their programming reasoning meanwhile.
We’d like the youngest ones (6 to 7) to be able to follow tutorials, read plans, be able to formulate their questions, accept errors and not be put-off too easily. We would like them to learn some basics of programming meanwhile.
We want all of them to learn how to work by teams, how to rely on each other to reach a common goal.

This is a very short and intense project.
We are going to decide the main types of games we intend to create. The Italian pupils prepare tutorials and answer to questions.
The French ones realise the games, following the steps explained by their partners.

The pupils will work by teams (both teams in the classes, and teams of different schools and age range).
The teachers will be mailing each other frequently and help with the languages.
All the tutorials and explanations will be posted in a public Twinspace, leaving to others the oportunity to learn how to create simple games too.
The games created will be posted in the Public Twinspace.

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